Fynbos growing wild in the Cape

Handcrafted from Cape Fynbos

African FynbosGems Jewelry are designed and manufactured using sustainably grown fynbos from the world famous Cape floral kingdom.

South Africa’s Cape floral kingdom is one of the richest areas in the world for plant biodiversity. This small belt of natural vegetation is home to over 8 500 fynbos species including the well known protea family. Of the 6 floral kingdoms in the world, the Cape is the smallest and richest, with the highest known concentration of plant species. If you were to take a walk amongst the fynbos, you would witness the incredible beauty that these plants bring. They support diverse birdlife and an entire ecosystem of natures wonders.

      🌿 The word fynbos comes from the Dutch language for fine-leaved plants.

Our jewellery is made from fynbos that is grown sustainably.

     🌿 Like the fynbos itself, our jewellery is indigenous.

     🌿 Each item of jewellery in our collection is handcrafted and unique.

     🌿 Learn more about Cape fynbos.

Proudly Made in South Africa

Our jewellery is carefully made in Cape Town in the shadows of Table Mountain and creates employment for our local community.

We use the branches, the leaves and the flower blooms of plants that were going to go to waste. We carefully choose a mixture of plants which we then press and compact under great pressure. From this we hand-carve unique shapes which then become the beautiful centrepiece of our jewellery. In some cases the jewellery is given a special lacquer coating and sometimes it is left uncoated. Every African FynbosGems item is unique and no two are the same.

You will receive your African FynbosGems jewellery in an embossed jewellery box along with a brochure explaining the rich story behind African FynbosGems. This is the perfect personal gift.

We hope you enjoy this unique piece of South Africa.