Atlantic Storm – Sterling Silver Pendant

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Handcrafted jewelry made from Cape Fynbos.

Fynbos grown sustainability.

Sugarbush – Sterling Silver Earrings

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Fynbos Fire – Sterling Silver Ring

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Made responsibly.

Creating fair employment.

Cape Town – Table Mountain. Fynbos – Sugarbush Protea

Every African FynbosGems piece of jewellery is unique.
No two pieces are the same – as unique as you are.
Designed to be loved and worn every day.
Classic and timeless.

farmed fynbos

dried fynbos

dyed fynbos

compressed & shaped fynbos

You will receive your African FynbosGems jewellery in an embossed jewellery box along with a brochure explaining the rich story behind African FynbosGems. The perfect personal gift. We hope you enjoy this unique piece of South Africa.

Fynbos is a distinctive type of vegetation found only on the southern tip of Africa. It includes a wide range of Heather like trees and shrubs including the well-known Protea family.

After being farmed and harvested, the Fynbos is dried, dyed and compressed under great pressure to form blocks of wood. These are then skillfully carved into several beautiful designs. In some designs the FynbosGems are framed and marked in sterling silver.